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Mission, Vision, & Beliefs

Our Mission

The mission of Dacotah Early Education Center is to support and empower the growth and development of all children and the families we serve.

Through intentional teacher-child interactions, children are provided experiences and opportunities to develop their creativity, independence and logical thinking skills so they are school ready....and READY for the WORLD.

Our Vision

Dacotah Early Education Center is committed to supporting the development of every child by providing high-quality early learning experiences. Our early learning education curriculum is research based and encourages active and participatory learning which sets the foundation for life long learning.

Play is at the heart of our active learning curriculum because it supports the growth of the whole child including language, mental, social, emotional and physical development. When children play, they are actively engaged in activities they have chosen and are thus motivated within.


Our Beliefs

When early educators, parents, community members and children collaborate with each other while respecting each others feelings, it builds the foundation for continued positive experiences in the learning process.

We strongly believe:

  • Children succeed when parents are actively involved in their education.
  • Curiosity is good because it enhances knowledge and leads to discovery.
  • A family/community works best when ideas and knowledge are shared.
  • A rich environment with positive interactions and praise amongst parents, early educators and children to be life long learners.
  • Consistent effective communication with parents about their children's educational growth establishes trusting relationships with families.